Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

Select a topic from the list below to go to that section. If you have any further questions, please email us at [email protected].

Booking & General Inquiry

How do I request a price quote for your services?

Please go to the “Contact Us” page and fill-out an inquiry form. A representative will contact you as soon as possible.

What cosmetic brands do you use on your clients?

We only use high-quality cosmetic products on our clients! Some of the brands we use include Chanel, YSL, Giorgio Armani, Bobbi Brown, and Makeup Forever.

Can you accommodate large bridal parties ? And can you work with brides/bridal parties with different ethnic backgrounds?

Yes, we have a team of several very professional makeup & hairstylists who are able to deliver great work & are very efficient. We are all trained and have experience working with any ethnicity.

Where do you provide your services?

We are currently based in Old Town Pasadena, CA and primarily service areas within the Southern California area. Contact us for destination weddings!

Are you willing to travel for destination weddings?

If destination weddings are in mind for you, we can definitely make that happen for you! You can contact us for more information regarding travel fees and destination wedding costs by filling out an inquiry form on the “Contact Us” page.

Artist Selection

There are so many artists on your team, how do I choose the perfect artist for my wedding?

We have several talented artists on our team who are categorized by level of expertise: lead artist, senior artist, junior artist, and artists. Their titles are based on their years of experience, skills levels, and their artistic visions. Feel free to contact us for assistance in finding your ideal artist for your big day! We would be more than happy to pair you up with an artist that is perfect for you and your needs.

If I have to hire a different artist from the team due to the unavailability of Ting on my wedding date, how is the quality of work of the other artists?

Here at Ting Makeup & Hair, we have a carefully selected, talented team of artists. Our artists are all highly trained professionals within the bridal, fashion, and/or TV/Film industry. Before joining the Ting Makeup & Hair team, they have all undergone an extensive, thorough interview and passed their skills-based tests. After they were selected for the team, Ting personally trained each and every one of them in order to ensure that they are all consistent and aligned with her abilities and taste.

How early should I reserve a booking to book with my artist of choice?

It is highly recommended for you to book your favorite artist as soon as your wedding date is set. Oftentimes, our bridal clients book with us 6 months to even a year in advance. This helps to plan ahead while considering the artist’s availability.

Pricing, Fees & Payment

What forms of payment do you accept?

We only accept cash payments, transactions via Chase Quickpay, or checks.

What’s the difference between one look vs half day & full day bridal package for our bride?

I. One look: is when we only do one makeup & one hairstyle for our bride and we leave as soon as the job is done.

II. Half Day Promo Package: (1 makeup + 2 hairstyles + 4 hrs unlimited touch-up + free trial session) bride will get one makeup look + one hairstyle for the ceremony, and we will stay for 4 hours to help touch-up and do a hair change right after ceremony so she may have a different look for the reception. This is our most popular package because bride often takes first look photos prior to the ceremony starts and her hair & makeup can get really crazy. So this ensures the bride will be touched up before the ceremony and ensure she looks fresh & beautiful as she walks down the aisle. (You will receive a free trial session)


III. Full Day Promo Package: (2 makeup + 3 hairstyle + 8 hours unlimited touch-up + free trial session) bride will get two makeup look, one would be more of a radiant look for the ceremony and the other one is more a glam evening look for the reception. And there will be 3 different hairstyles to go with your different dress changes. This is ourmost popular package among our Chinese brides, because it is their tradition to change into several beautiful gowns on their wedding day. With this package, our bride will be pampered all day long. We will stay by her side to ensure she’s looking flawless at all times.
How do you calculate travel fees for an event within Southern California?

Travel fees are calculated by cost per mile for a round trip from our studio in Pasadena, California (as the starting point) to the location of your event (as the end point) and back. If applicable, additional considerations such as valet parking, airfare, lodging, and/or any other travel related fees would be charged.

Trial Sessions

What is a “bridal trial session”?

A “bridal trial session” is a trial makeup & hair session, which gives the bride a preview of her look for her special day.

What happens at the bridal trial session?

The trial session is normally booked 2 weeks to one month in advance from your wedding date and is held at our office in Pasadena, CA. If a travel fee is provided, we are also able to hold the trial session at the comfort of your own home. On your trial date, you will meet with your artist of choice. She will discuss the details of your wedding with you (dresses, hairstyle, makeup style, or accessories) along with giving a consultation of your skin condition. The artist will then create a look you are hoping to achieve. Trial sessions normally average about 3 hours.

When should I book my trial session?

Majority of our clients books us just by our online portfolio, so we normally schedule their trial session about 2-4 weeks prior to their wedding date. We feel like this is the best time to set your trial as it is when your hair length, color and style is the closest to your wedding day.

Is the “bridal trial session” necessary?

Yes, we require every bride to have a trial run with our artists. A consultation is necessary for us to communicate and understand our bride’s vision for her wedding day. To do that, we need a trial run to give her a preview of that look before committing to it for her special day. It will also ensure that everything will run smoothly and efficiently on the actual day of the event.

What should I bring/prepare for my trial session?

  • Please come with hair washed the day of, so there will be more volume
  • Prep your skin by applying a hydrating mask the night before the trial
  • Please come with face washed with no makeup
  • Bring any jewelry or hair accessories you will be using on your big day.
  • Bring any photos of makeup & hairstyle you like, or a pinterest board to share with us prior to the trial session.

Can I schedule my trial on the day of my engagement photos?

Yes you can, but it is not recommended. When we design a look for your wedding day it is all based on the wedding day formal look we are trying to achieve and will not go well with a casual engagement session look. More importantly, every bride she save their final look on their big day and not be revealed in their engagement session photo.

How does the artist design my makeup & hairstyle?

Each and every one of our bride is unique and different. We want to create the look that is most suitable for you. We will first consult with you via email to get a feel of what your style is like base on your description and the makeup/hair photos you provided for us. Once we reviewed everything we will then pick out a look that is perfect for your style and best compliments your feature.

If I am not sure what makeup and/or hairstyle look I want for my wedding day, can your artist help?

Yes! Each and every one of our artists are very experienced in providing our brides with tips and suggestions on looks and styles that best suit their features. If you can provide us with a few makeup and/or hairstyle inspiration photos of the look you are hoping for (prior to your trial session), we can get a better idea as to what your personal style is before we start the designing process.

What happens if I am not happy with the look the artist designed for me at the trial session?

If you are not happy with the look we designed for you at the trial session, please let us know right away on the day of the trial. We will be happy to change up to one other hairstyle for you to preview.

Engagement Sessions

How long does it take to do an engagement session look?

It normally takes about 1&1/2 hours to 2 hours depending on what type hairstyle you would like.

Can I schedule my trial on the day of my engagement photos?

Yes you can, but it is not recommended. When we design a look for your wedding day it is all based on the wedding day formal look we are trying to achieve and will not go well with a casual engagement session look. More importantly, most brides like to save their final look on their big day and not be revealed in their engagement session photo.


Wedding Day

What happens on the wedding day and what are some of the products you will provide?

According to the timeline given, our team will arrive 5-10 min earlier to set up. Please make sure all the bridal party arrives on time so we may start according to the schedule. Aside from all the makeup products we use, our artists will also provide complimentary false eyelashes, body foundation, and body glitter if needed.

How long does it take to do hair & makeup for the bride and each bridesmaid/mother? And how many artists will you bring?

Bride will take 2-3 hours depending on how complicated the hairstyle is. Bridesmaid/mother will take 1 hour and 30 min per person. We will assign as many artists as needed to get everyone ready on time.

Will you provide a wedding day timeline for the bride?

In order to ensure our services will run smoothly and on time for our bride, we will prepare a timeline of your wedding day makeup & hair schedule about 1 week in advance. It will be discussed in advance with the bride on what she prefers and the order of her bridal party to be getting ready.

Are you willing to stay extended hours if the bride/bridal party needs touch-up?

Yes! We believe it is very important for the bride to look fresh all day, so we offer unlimited touch-ups at $60 per hour. Or you may contact us if you would prefer to go with our half-day or full day packages.


What other services do you offer?

Aside from wedding day services, we also offer services for other events such as engagement session, maternity session, bridal shower, family portrait, prom, etc. In addition to makeup & hair styling services, we also offer hair coloring, hair extensions, manicure, lash extensions, facial, and workshops.

Do you have a minimum services requirement when going to a wedding site to work?

We don’t have a minimum service requirement if you are hiring one of our senior or junior artists. However, if you would like to hire our lead artist Ting for your wedding, you must hit a minimum requirement of 4 people (both makeup & hair) that needs our services.

Do you recommend the groom to get his makeup & hair done as well?

Certainly. We believe that the groom should look as good as the bride on the wedding day. There is no reason that you look perfect but the groom has shiny or oily face on both of your big day. For the groom’s makeup we will keep it as natural as possible as the groom doesn’t want to look caked on. With years of experience working in the tv/film and fashion industry, we can ensure to make our groom looking sharp but natural looking. We’ve received many compliments in the past by our grooms.

If I rarely wear makeup, should I be worried that the makeup will be too heavy?

If you are worried that your wedding day makeup would be too heavy then you have come to the right place. At Ting makeup & hair, we specialize in natural makeup. Our goal is transform our client into a completely different person; our goal is to enhance our client’s natural beauty. We want our bride to feel beautiful on their big day but still looking like her.